Waterbear Adventures


We are required to follow BC Centre for Disease Control when on the vessel.  Click here to see how to protect yourself, my family and our other patrons.


We provide:

  • A marine biologist and vessel that exceeds all required certifications and training.
  • Larger cabin, Sits 6 at a table and large counter area for food prep, H/C water kitchen sink.
  • Large covered fishing deck with high sides for safety.
  • Cooler and ice to keep fish cold
  • Regularly maintained, high end fishing gear and bait
  • We also clean and bag your fish for you and can assist you with travel.
  • We can set a crab trap for you as well!

Things to consider for the adventure:

  • dress in layers of clothes
  • sunblock
  • sunglasses
  • camera/phone
  • snacks
  • drinks
  • fishing license
  • and seasickness prevention if susceptible.

To participate in fishing or take home fish get your fishing license with a salmon stamp if salmon fishing.  If you are getting a day license we recommend waiting until we know for sure weather is going to let us get out.  If you are getting an annual license CLICK HERE, complete, and PRINT.  If you can not print where you are email it to me.

Canadian cash and e-transfer is the most economical method of payment.  Canada has a Goods and Service Tax (GST) of 5% on everything in Canada and we can provide a receipt upon request.  We accept most credit cards for those looking for convenience but do pass on the 3% charge to the customer.

Understand your licence

A Tidal Waters Sport Fishing Licence:

• is required to fish for any species of finfish or shellfish in tidal waters

• cannot be transferred to another person

• must be produced if requested by a fishery officer, conservation officer or fishery guardian (keep your licence with you while fishing and transporting your catch)

• must have all the fish you keep recorded on it immediately (this applies only to those species specified in the conditions of your licence)

• must include a salmon conservation stamp if you are catching and keeping any species of Pacific salmon

is required for children under 16 years of age (a child’s licence is free, but if the child is going to catch and keep any species of Pacific salmon, you must buy a salmon conservation stamp)

• for an annual licence, is valid from the date on the licence to the following March 31

• for a shorter-duration licence, is valid until midnight on the expiry date 


All water adventures are subject to sudden marine weather changes and may have to be rescheduled or cancelled on short notice.  We try our best to keep you informed but it is the Wild West Coast after all !

During all adventures, we expect our guests to protect and preserve our beautiful West Coast.

The captain reserves the right to refuse anyone permission to board or end an adventure early due to weather or unsafe behavior.

Although we are very successful, adventures to collect fish or shellfish may not be successful. It is fishing after all ;)

There is a small fee for the convenience of this service.